Unboxing of Samsung Gear S3 frontier Smartwatch

Thanks to Samsung, I managed to get the Samsung Gear S3 frontier for review. There are actually 2 models for Gear S3. One is the frontier (more rugged) and the other is the classic (minimalist look). Both of the models are available now.


Here is my simple unboxing video.

Some close ups of the Samsung Gear S3 frontier and the content in the box.

Samsung Gear S3 frontier

To differentiate between Gear S3 frontier or classic, you just need to look at the watch face. The frontier has a rugged look and the rotating bezel has “teeths” so that you can actually use it in different conditions.


Here is a close look at the rotating bezel.


Here is another look on the watch face.


On one of the side, it has the speaker.


On the other side, it has a microphone (that small little hole) and two buttons. One is home button and the other is a return button.


On its back, you can see the heart rate monitor.


If you look even closer, you can see the serial number, the model (which is SM-R760). On the wrist band, the little silver “dot” is actually the quick release for the wrist strap.


In the box, there is another wrist strap (one side only). It is for people with small wrist. Check out the differences.



Here is the docking station cum charger. It uses magnet to hold on to the smartwatch on the dock.


Here is the front view.



Here is the back view. Note that it uses Micro-USB port.

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There isn’t a lot of things in the box. Here are all of them laid nicely.


This is my second encounter with a Samsung Gear device. I am excited to try it out for the next few weeks. I like that the battery can last 3 to 3 days (according to its specs). If you have any questions on it, do let me know. If you are going to Sitex this weekend, you might be able to see it.

Here are the specs for the Gear S3 frontier and the S3 classic.


  1. Tested to 13 MIL-STD-810G methods. Device is protected against drop from height of 1.5 meters, exposure to pressure corresponding to altitude of 15,000 feet for up to 1 hour, exposure to temperature extremes up to -20oC and 50oC for up to 1 hour, under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test results; individual results may vary.
  2. Dust and Water Resistant (IP68 rating) means that the device is protected against entry of solid foreign objects, and harmful ingress of static fresh water at up to 1.5metres for up to 30 minutes, under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test results; individual results may vary. Note: IP68 rating does not mean that the device is waterproof.
  3. Additional watch bands sold separately.
  4. May not be available in all languages. Actual performance may vary, depending on language spoken, accent, pronunciation, voice level and surrounding environment.
  5. Based on Samsung internal test results, and dependent on usage, mode settings, battery condition and other surrounding factors and conditions.
  6. Availability almost anywhere is based on compatibility of Samsung Pay on MST and/or NFC payment terminals, with some supported for use only after software upgrades. Use of Samsung Pay requires installation of Samsung Gear app on compatible smartphone, certain features may require Bluetooth® connectivity to the smartphone. Samsung Pay is available across all participating payment networks, banks, and merchants. Availability may vary, please check www.samsung.com/sg/samsungpay for updates.
  7. Most NFC terminals currently accept payments up to $100, while there is no limit on payment transactions via MST terminals (sub ject to a cardholder’s credit card limit).
  8. Available in certain countries via the app Glympse.
  9. Actual user-accessible internal storage is less than specified total memory due to operating system, software, and other built-in applications, and may vary after software updates/upgrades.
  10. Not intended for clinical or medical use, including diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, alleviation, compensation, cure, prevention or mitigation of any disease, ailment, defect, injury or other conditions.
Note: Certain features, services and applications (including Navigator) are dependent on Bluetooth® connectivity to the connected Samsung Galaxy/ AndroidTM smartphones as well as network connectivity of the connected Samsung Galaxy/ AndroidTM smartphones, and may not be available in all coverage areas. Additional data charges may apply.
Specifications are accurate as at time of print and are subject to change without prior notice.

That is it for my unboxing of the Samsung Gear S3 frontier.

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