Snapchat is now Snap with First Physical Product Spectacles (video)

Snapchat is now Snap Inc and they have launched their first hardware, Spectacles. Spectacles is a sunglasses (or shade) that can record video with a tap on it. Currently, they have only one design in three colors and to be made in small quantities.


There is no information on how Snap is going to sell the Spectacles or who they are targeting. At USD130, I think it is still affordable (of course, need to see the material and build) but there are so many questions. As a technical guy, I am interested in the specifications but there is none at the moment.

Based on the information, you can take up to 30 secs of video. One interesting thing that you might have noticed on the GIF on their Spectacles site is that when you turn your phone vertically or horizontally while watching the video, it can adjust to the framing.

There is a light ring on the left hand side of the Spectacles (right hand side is the lens) that will indicate the battery life and also to let people know that you are taking video. There is also an inward light to remind you that you are taking video.

Here is the link to Snap Spectacles

Click Here to Snap Spectacles

Check out the casing. It is also a Wireless charging pod for the Spectacles.


Here is the video

With the name changed to Snap Inc, Snapchat seems to become a product name. So, be prepared for future products like Snap Spectacles, Snapchat, Snap XXX and etc.