Did Singapore Airlines Cancel SQ879 Flight Deliberately?

Disclaimer: This is just my thoughts, as it was so coincidental that the flight was cancelled.

Last year in February 2015, I did a blog post on a prediction by Jucelino Nobrega da Luz on AirAsia QZ8501 and TransAsia GE235. He predicted that both planes would encounter mishaps and accurately pinpointed the dates of the accidents. In fact, he also predicted the fate of MH370 and MH17 accurately.

Information from Google Search

Many people were skeptical over his claims as the “evidences” only showed up after the accidents. However, on the same prediction (item 3), he also stated that there will be a plane, 879, that will crash in Singapore near Changi International Airport on the 27th September 2016 (today). The flight is 1735hrs (5:35pm) and forecast to arrive 22:15hrs (10:15hrs). This prediction, according to the date stamp, was sent out in December 2014.

sq879-predictionIf you Google or check the flight timing, one flight has the same flight number and timing (Taipei to Singapore, SQ879). And surprisingly, it was cancelled today. So, my open questions are, “Did Singapore Airlines deliberately cancel the flight as a precaution?” or “Is it really so coincidental that the flight is cancelled due to other reasons?”. I have no answer to both questions, BTW.

I am actually glad that it was cancelled. Whether to believe it or not, it is up to individual. If we were able to take action and change the outcome with minimal disruption, why not?

What is your thought?

BTW, I did check again with iChangi app and it shows the same results.


Lets pray that we get through today without any issues. Peace to all!!


  • Ivan Tan

    A number of Taipet flights to Singapore including by China Airlines have been cancelled today (27 Sep).

  • Tune

    do ur research properly before putting such news lah!

  • Darkside

    It’s misinformed, ill-informed and un-informed cretins like you that jump at any opportunity, however misguided, to get his few minutes of fame by posting this sensationalist-wannabe idiotic nonsense. The world is better off without such nincompoops.
    Since you took the trouble to to search for and post the image of the schedule, why didn’t you bother to go through the prior flights to do some due diligence check? Or your simple mind just lack that capacity?
    If you are not orgasm-ing from trying to be smart or “keh khiang”, you would have noticed that many other TPE-SIN flights were cancelled (due to a major typhoon) as well.
    Go get a life!

  • Darkside

    You are right.


    “TAIPEI: Taiwan went into shutdown Tuesday (Sep 27) as the island faces its third typhoon in two weeks, with thousands evacuated, schools and offices closed across the island and hundreds of flights disrupted.

    A total of 575 international and domestic flights were cancelled as of Tuesday morning, and 109 delayed. Most trains were also halted.”

  • higannn

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but all Singapore Airlines flights to Taipei are cancelled today due to the current typhoon in Taiwan, not just this particular flight, so there’s no link to the predicament.

  • Alvin Ng Heng San

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