Singaporean Invented GIY Stick to Self-Water Your Plants (video)

If you have plants at home, one of the worries is that your plant might die of “thirst” if you are not at home for a period of time. On the Internet, there are so many self-watering solutions but this GIY Stick is something I have supported because it is simple, reuses those plastic bottles and will NOT create problem of mosquito breeding (no chance for Zika or Aedes mosquitoes).


By mimicking Nature’s capillary action, GIY Stick waters your plant automatically without the use of batteries, apps or etc. This theory is not new and there are DIYs that you can search on the Internet. However, I find that this GIY Stick solution is neat and simple and most importantly, I like to support local (Singapore) inventors.


This GIY Stick inventor is a young Singapore boy (Dylan) with his father who took the first giant step of launching GIY Stick on the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter in Singapore.

Here is the intro video.

So far, they have almost reached the target of S$20,000. If you read the campaign, they have already invested in the mould and has made a first production run.  Now, they will need your help to ensure that there are enough demand to make this project viable.

If you are in Singapore, the shipping fee is just S$2 for 4 GIY Sticks, thanks to Kickstarter who has recently reached our shore. So, please support him.

Click Here to Check Out the Made-in-Singapore GIY Stick that Self Water Your Plants


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