cado Launches New Air Purifiers in Singapore (video)

cado launches three air purifiers during a Launch Event on Thursday at Joie Restaurant by DOZO, Orchard Central. The 3 products are AP-C700S, AP-C300 and the AP-C100. These cado air purifiers, apart from being good looking, are certified by World Standard, Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), developed and by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).


Not sure what I am talking about? Basically, cado air purifiers is capable of delivering clean air fast and can block PM2.5 particles. Another interesting technology on the cado air purifier is self-renewing filter which uses the photocatalysis technology. Thus cado filter can last longer.

Here is Bobby Tonelli hosting the event.


The event is short and fast. The President and CEO of cado, Mr. Noriyuki Koga, actually flew here to deliver an opening speech. Some information on the three new air purifiers.


The AP-C100 is the smallest of the three new products.

Highlights of AP-C100 (from Press Release)

  • A touch of elegance with its metal body for a touch of class
  • Light sensor automatically adjusts light output




And below is the AP-C300.

Highlights of AP-C300 (from Press Release)

  • Classic aluminium control panel with hairline finish
  • Light sensor automatically adjusts light output
  • Quiet design via newly developed high-performance fan




And here is the big brother of the air purifier. It is the only one that has a PM2.5 particle display on it.

Highlights of AP-C700s (from Press Release)

  • Metal body for a touch of class
  • Light sensor automatically adjusts light output
  • Electrostatic touch panel
  • Quiet design via newly developed high-performance fan



There are two more products that were displayed in the event. They will be coming to Singapore at a later date.

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And here is my favorite.


This purifier is for usage in the car. The bottom part of the air purifier can fit into the cup holder inside any car. It can be powered by a USB port. As you can see below, a car power plug with a USB port is provided for the air purifier.


Here is a rough estimation on how big this air purifier is.


The additional cable is coiled into the air purifier. In my opinion, it is not very neat.

Here ia the filter for this air purifier.


If you want to have a look at the event video, click HERE. I have recorded it using Facebook Live feature.

Here are the pricing and availability

  • AP-C700S – Launch price at S$1,699 (Usual S$1,799)
  • AP-C300 – Launch price at S$1,099 (Usual S$1,199)
  • AP-C100 – Launch price at S$599 (Usual S$699)

These air purifiers are sold at Gain City (Selected stores), Mega Discount Store – Kallang and Parisilk – Holland Village (Only AP-C100).

During the event, I learned more about cado’s history and products. You can go to their English website to see more of their products. The cado products in Singapore is marketed by Mass Mark International Pte Ltd.

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