Singtel Conducted the Ultimate 4G Network Tests (video)

Singtel recently challenged itself by conducting a series of tests to demonstrate the speed, coverage, reliability and low latency of their Singtel 4G network. We are not talking about using an app to measure their network speed. It will be too lame.


Instead, the testers wore a customized virtual headset attached with 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphones back to back. One of the Note 5 smartphones acted as an eye and the other acted as the display by receiving the video feed (via Singtel mobile network, of course) from the Note 5 facing the front. The testers had to complete a task wearing the headset. Can you imagine if there are problems on the mobile network?

Here is how the fencing virtual mask looks like and some explanation of the components.


In the film, the three challenges included Singapore’s world champion fencing star, Lau Ywen, battling through a precarious obstacle course, a rooftop game of whack-a-mole and a series of precision driving stunts performed by renowned Singapore stunt driver, Jason Tan.

I love this video which was artistically filmed and especially love the driving stunt. Check out the video.

I saw some comments about this video and some of them were quite funny and “informative”. For those who are curious how it was done, check this behind-the-scene video.

I think it takes a lot of guts for a Telco to showcase their mobile network in this way, even though it is in an almost controlled environment.