Fitbit Introduces Stylish Fitbit Blaze (video)

Fitbit introduces their newest member, Fitbit Blaze. It sets the competitors apart with it range of accessory straps and features (and especially the design). And finally, it has a color touchscreen. Touted to have a battery life of 5 days, it is currently available to order and shipping in March 2016. Not sure when it will come to Singapore though.


If you compare all the Fitbit products, I think Fitbit Blaze sits between Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge. It is priced at USD199.95, USD50 lesser than the Fitbit Surge. It does not have a built-in GPS. However, it should not be a problem if it is connected to a smart phone. The accessories are sold separately and at quite a high price (in my opinion). Check out the video.

I love that it is easily detachable to fit into other straps. However, functionality-wise, it does not support 3rd party apps. It can only show messages, calendar and call alerts. Primarily, it is built for those who are active (or wants to be active) to fit into their fitness regime.

Check out the Official Fitbit Blaze Site

Note: This is the US site which has the pre-order button. For Singapore site, it only shows the “notify me” button.