Can this Segway Butler Robot Replace BB-8? (video)

Today at CES 2016, Intel unveiled something interesting. It showed off a robot butler built by Segway (Ninebot) that is also rideable (actually a variant of the Ninebot Mini, a personal transporter). I believe this will change the way robot can transform our daily life. It feels like the robot BB-8 in the Star Wars movie. Don’t you think so?


If you have tried the Ninebot Mini or Mini Pro, you will know that the stem is actually a control stick for the eTransporter. Now, it has turned into a robot head with a built-in screen. And with the hand accessory, it transforms itself into a full fledged robot.

Check out this video.

I see a lot of potential on the project and how it can be a great success. Based on the information, a developer kit will be available to further enhance the functionality of it. I am so looking forward on the day this e-Butler can help me to my carry things in a shopping mall. Haha.

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