Parrot Introduces Fixed Wing Disco at CES 2016 (video)

Parrot has put up a surprise (at least to me) to introduce a fixed wing flying drone during CES 2016. One of the key features of this Parrot Disco is the automatic take-off. It allows an amateur to be able to handle it easily. Another feature is the HOME feature that allows automatic landing.


The Parrot Disco is also compatible with Sky Controller to extend the range of the flight. With a battery life of 45 minutes and a top speed of 80km/hr, I am sure it will impress many. There is no mention of price or availability. In the meanwhile, enjoy this video.

Although it is a fixed wing, it does not look like any aircraft. It looks more like the B2 stealth bomber. BTW, it has a 8-inch propeller and many onboard sensors – accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, Pitot, GPS. Currently, it looks like an unfinished product.

Overall, I love the long flight time and the fact it can fly via a flight path. What do you think about this product?