Don your Light Saber Skills with Smartphone and Browser

Want to kill some stormtroopers with your  light saber before watching Stars Wars – The Force Awakens? You can now do it on your computer browser (Chrome) and smartphone. Google has done a terrific job of creating a game play purely on the browser and the smartphone as a light saber.


First, you have to go to this Light Saber Escape site. You will be provided a unique link to key into your smartphone. Once done, your computer browser will “talk” to your smartphone browser. First you will need to calibrate the Light Saber. Once done, you will need to practice your skill before the actual battle.


Depending on your connection speed and Google’s server, there might be a lag. Nevertheless, It is still fun to swing your smartphone in front of your computer browser to kill some stormtroopers.

Have fun!!

Click Here to Light Saber Escape


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