Casio introduces EXILIM FR100 Outdoor Camera

Casio announces the Casio EXILIM EX-FR100 recently. It is an upgrade from FR10 although the resolution has been adjusted to 12 MPX. There are many changes from the old one. Most significant should be its new wide angle lens (16mm) and a bigger screen (3-inch) with higher resolution. And not forgetting that it is now waterproof (equivalent to IPX8, IPX6) and dustproof (equivalent to IP6X).


There has been a slight confusion on the availability of the EXILIM EX-FR100. Here is what I know from all the emails. Stores will start selling the FR100 cameras from 15th December 2015. There is also a pre-order promotional bundle (with many goodies) which is from 4th December till 27th December. However it is for the first 50 customers. If you buy from store from the 15th December, you will not be able to get this promotional bundle.

In other words, first 50 customers who pre-order will get the special bundle and those that buy from stores will NOT get the special bundle. Confusing? Yes, it is. Here is the Press Release.

Press Release

Casio Singapore Launches the New EXILIM EX-FR100 Outdoor Camera

Singapore will be the first country outside of Japan to launch the new camera

Singapore, 10 December 2015: Casio Singapore today announced the launch of the new EXILIM EX-FR100 outdoor camera, designed for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits and hands-free photo-taking and video recording. It is the follow-up to the highly successful EXILIM EX-FR10, which clinched the coveted Editor’s Choice: Innovation Award at the annual HWM + Tech Awards earlier this year.

Like its predecessor, the new EXILIM EX-FR100 features a rugged shock1, water and dust resistant2 design that can be easily operated single-handedly. The FR100 retains the detachable design which enables users to attach the camera module to virtually anywhere via an assortment of aftermarket accessories, and use the controller remotely to capture truly unique angles of photography. Equipped with a new 16mm ultra wide-angle lens3, the FR100 is equally adept at taking selfies, large group photos, as well as landscape photography while traveling or during outdoor activities.

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Enjoy the moment without missing the shot with the Intelligent Interval feature

One of the key highlights of the FR100 is the new Intelligent Interval feature, designed for enhanced hands-free shooting while on-the-go. Incorporating the EXILIM high-speed HS3 engine, sensing technology, and image analysis, Intelligent Interval automatically selects and saves photos taken during high-speed continuous shooting, while leaving those with too much blur and slant for the users to go through at their convenience later. This new feature allows users to keep just the best shots while enjoying the moment as it happens.

Create exciting video montages with the Highlight Movie function

Users can also look forward to sharing their holidays and travel experiences in the form of video montages via the Highlight Movie function. The Highlight Movie function is designed such that users do not require complicated software on their computers to create fun video montages of their activities or their holidays. It enables users to select both photos and videos from a specific day, and create a show-reel that can then be sent via Bluetooth®4 and the EXILIM Auto Transfer5 to the users’ smart device, which can then be uploaded onto social media.

Accessories designed to go wherever you go

Casio has also launched new accessories designed for the FR100, which customers can purchase based on their usage preferences. The marine case (EAM-5) is waterproof for depths of up to 20-meters, and is even backward compatible with the EXILIM EX-FR10. The antenna cable set (EAM-6) is a specialized underwater viewing device, from which users can view marine life from the surface. An LED ring flash attachment (EAM-7)6 enables users to take images while in low-light conditions. Other accessories include the tripod mount (EAM-1), multi-angle clip (EAM-2) and a multi-angle belt clip (EAM-3).

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Availability and prices

Available in yellow, white and black, the new EXILIM EX-FR100 will be available in Singapore from 1415-December, 2015, at a recommended selling price of S$699.00. Bundled accessories include a carabineer clip attachment and tripod nut.

Other accessories can be purchased through authorized EXILIM retailers7,8, and are priced as follows:

Description / Model, Price
Marine Case [EAM-5], S$159.00
Selfie Stick [EAM-4], S$149.00
Antenna Cable Set [EAM-6], S$149.00
LED Ring Flash Attachment [EAM-7], S$99.00
Tripod Mount [EAM-1], S$32.00
Multi-angle Clip [EAM-2], S$38.00
Multi-angle Belt Set [EAM-3], S$49.00

EXILIM EX-FR100 pre-order promotion

The new EXILIM EX-FR100 will be available via pre-order starting from 4-December, 2015 to 27-December 2015, and will be available for purchase island-wide from 15-December, 2015. Priced at S$699.00, the pre-order promotional bundle is limited to only the first 50-customers in Singapore, and includes the marine case (EAM-5), advanced selfie kit, a 32GB micro-SD card and a 10-litre waterproof bag—worth S$267 in total. Consumers can register their interest through all major EXILIM authorized retailers7,8 in Singapore. Furthermore, customers can choose to trade in any camera and receive S$100 discount off the pre-order promotional price.

1. The camera and controller module are able to withstand drops of up to 1.7-meters.
2. Meets IPX6 dustproof standards and IPX8 waterproof standards.
3. 35mm film camera equivalent
4. Wordmark and logo of Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of this mark by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is under license.
5. Requires the installation of the EXILIM Connect app, available free via iTunes and Google Play
6. Batteries not included. Requires two AAA batteries.
7. Retailers may have differing pre-order policies. For more information, please contact the respective retailers directly.
8. Retailers include Best Denki (all outlets), Harvey Norman (all outlets), Gain City (all outlets), Aik Seng Photo, Alan Photo, Bally Photo, Song brothers Marketing, Digitronic Synergy, MJ Enterprises, Max Photo, and Mustafa Center.