Casio announces G-SHOCK G-STEEL Series in Singapore

Today, Casio announced the Casio G-SHOCK G-STEEL Series in Singapore. It has a few designs to choose from. Available starting from 14th August. Price range from S$349 to S$549. Read on for a more detailed pricing and information.


Here is close up of two of the designs.


Here are the pricings:-


  • GST-S110D-1A: SGD$449.00
  • GST-S110BD-1A2: SGD$549.00
  • GST-S110-1A: SGD$349.00
  • GST-S100D-1A4: SGD$399.00
  • GST-S100D-1A2: SGD$399.00
  • GST-S100G-1A: SGD$349.00

Press Release

Casio Releases the Indestructible G-SHOCK G-STEEL Series

Bold new G-STEEL GST-S110 and GST-S100 made with ‘Layered Guard Structure’ with double layered bezel reinforced with resin and metal for outstanding toughness and durability

Singapore, 12 August 2015: Casio Singapore has announced the release of the new G-SHOCK G-STEEL series, the latest addition to its range of premium G-SHOCK timepieces. The bold and sleek G-STEEL is designed to be nearly indestructible, encased in a ‘Layered Guard Structure’ which reinforces the watch with a double layered bezel using a combination of resin and metal for superb shock resistance and durability.

Layered Guard Structure

The bezel of the G-STEEL GST-S110 is constructed with a layer of metal over a shock absorbent layer of resin. Each layer is designed with contrasting colours to give a three-dimensional look, delivering the hard beauty of metal while retaining the impact resistance of resin. Meanwhile, the GST-S100 offers yet another level of resistance, with the shock-absorbent resin in an upper layer set in a lower layer of fine resin.

Excellent Functionality and Readability

Not only does the G-STEEL series offer both digital and analog time displays, it is also built with Casio’s original Hand Concealment Function where users can press a button to temporarily move the watch hands out of the way, to have an unblocked view of the LCD display.

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Powered by Tough Solar Technology, the G-STEEL utilizes two LED light sources, one at the six o’clock position and another as the LCD backlight, to illuminate the watch face while still prolonging its battery life.

Price and Availability

The G-SHOCK G-STEEL GST-S110 and GST-S100 are each available in Singapore, at Casio G-FACTORY stores in Takashimaya, Bugis Junction, Vivo City, Tampines 1, Plaza Singapura, JEM and NEX, and each come in three different colour variations, providing a choice of different looks with the same tough construction.



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