How to Test Your S-PEN on Samsung Galaxy Note (Video)

Recently, while I was using the Samsung Galaxy Note to do some drawing, I realized that the S-PEN is not aligned to the screen. I tried my best to find out where is the calibration screen but could not find it. Finally, after some research, I managed to get to the screen (see below) to test my S-PEN.

Here are the steps that you need to do.

  • Dial *#0*# on your dialer. You will get to the screen shown above.
  • Select S-PEN Test. You will see the image as below.

  • Start using the S-PEN to draw lines on the boxes.

  • Once completed, you will get a “Passed” and go back to the main menu.

As you can see, I did not use the word “Calibrate” as the test is NOT intended to do so. Instead, it is like a game where you need to draw lines on the boxes to complete. I think that while you are completing the lines, it is already trying to figure out if you are aligned or not and did a little adjustment.

After the test, I do find that the S-PEN is more accurate. BTW, there are other tests that you can try. For example, here is a screen shot of the “Sensor” test.

Have fun with it. I did a short video if you are still unsure.


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