Which Reversible Micro USB Cable Will You Choose? (video)

If you are frustrated trying to plug in a Micro USB connector to your device because you have to plug in on the correct side, read this post. There is currently two projects on Kickstarter that are having similar products. Both claimed to be the first in the reversible Micro USB design. The question is “Which is the first and which is better?”


Lets look at the two projects video.

Lightors: World’s First Reversible Micro-USB Cable

Next, the Micro-Flip

Micro-Flip Reversible Micro USB

Interestingly, both have the same idea and the same reasoning on why they come out with their project. Yes, because they have the same thinking that they wanted something like the Apple Lightning connector where both sides are compatible.

For the Lightors cable, it stated the specs clearly

Lightors Cable supports 2000 mAh on both USB sides (faster than the average USB cable)

  • Length : 1 meter (3.3 ft)
  • Wiring : More wiring in our products means faster charging and faster data.(16 strands vs 10 and 12 data vs 7)

Double-shielded USB and micro-USB sockets prevents disconnection and short-outs for improved durability and safety.

Added braille features on the cable to allow those that have sight issues to easily identify their Lightors Cable.

As for the Micro-Flip, it provided a simplified explanation of its design.

The Lightors cable can only be delivered in December while the Micro-Flip can be delivered in October. Of course, Kickstarter projects are famous for delays after delays. I am not sure which one you would choose but I have made up my mind: Lightors for its clear explanation, faster charging and faster data assurance plus I am sold when it added the braille feature. Of course, there is one more thing. I have also supported their Monster Battery (pending September delivery).

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So, which one is your choice?

Lightors: World’s First Reversible Micro-USB Cable


Micro-Flip Reversible Micro USB

PS: Both have not reached their target as of this writing.

PPS: Since this design seems so simple to replicate, I am sure to see a lot of them coming from the China market soon 🙂 .