Comparison of different Chatting Apps on Web

A few days ago, WhatsApp introduced the Web version of WhatsApp. It has created a buzz online because it is one of the features many users are looking forward to. And when they left out iOS users stating platform limitation, it became even a bigger talking point. However, I guess many are not aware that they are NOT the first to have this feature. In fact, I think they can be considered the last.


I did a simple check to see how many chatting apps have such features or something similar. Not surprisingly, most of them have it.

In fact, WeChat even sent out a press release yesterday stating that they already have these web version since 3 years ago. So, I gathered the information and made a simple table to show you the options you have with the service.

Here are my candidates: WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Line, Kakaotalk, Tango.


As you can see, many have web-based or PC versions of their apps but how good or they?


After trying them out on my PC, here is my verdict (Do note that I did not talk security as a consideration in my verdict).

WhatsApp: Straight forward. Very similar to the app. Able to see all history of the chat

Telegram: Straight forward. Very similar to the app. Able to see all history of the chat.  Added advantages is that it can send files in different formats.

WeChat: Does not sync chat history. Different feel on web. Does not show official accounts on web version. Very simple feature on app version.

Line: Does not sync chat history. Slightly different on web. Very simple feature on app version.

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Kakaotalk: Does not sync previous chat history. Very simple feature on PC app version.

Tango: Does not sync history. In fact, the PC app version can only call out and no messaging feature as compared to the mobile app version. The PC app version only show a very small mobile size screen. Different feel as compared to the mobile app.


Overall, the best, in my opinion, is Telegram and the worst is Tango. I think I will uninstall all of those that are on PC app versions and only use Web version when needed.

Let me know your opinions, ok?