You Can Now Buy Water and Stain Repellent T-Shirts from Threadsmiths (video)

If you feel that your white T-shirts are vulnerable to stains and dirt, check out the new The Cavalier t-shirts from Threadsmiths. It has a patented hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt and it is still washable like normal t-shirts.


Watch this video.

From the site,

Washing the Cavalier T-Shirt is simple – they are fully machine and hand washable and will retain their water repellency longer than any hydrophobic spray on the market. To reactivate The Cavalier’s water repellency, simply tumble dry at normal to low heat at every few washes.

I guess the only thing that will put people off is the price of this t-shirt. It is AUD$65 each and ONLY in white color. It comes in men and women style (and kids style in future).

Click Here to Check Out Threadsmiths The Cavalier T-shirt


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