You can buy this Silic T-Shirt that repels liquids (video)

Wouldn’t it be great that your T-shirt is spill-protected. That means any liquids will not be able to soak through it? And will it be good if you don’t even need to add any chemical on it for this feature? Check out Silic T-Shirt, the self cleaning clothing with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology.


It looks like any ordinary T-shirt except that it is built with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology incorporated. Most liquid repellent products may require you to spray chemical on the surface. However, Silic T-Shirt can already repel any liquid out of the box. Check out the video.

You can even wash it in the washing machine. Silic T-shirt is now on Kickstarter. It has already reached its funding goal and it still has 37 days to go.

I hope that they can make sports shorts that is of this material as it can eliminate the sweat immediately during my jog 🙂 .

Click Here to Check Out Silic T-Shirt on Kickstarter


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