How to disable the blue ticks on WhatsApp

Updated: Scroll towards the end of the article to understand how to prevent the ticks from turning blue 🙂

You might have reached this post because you wanted to disable the recently implemented blue ticks (or blue check marks) on WhatsApp. The fact is I also do not know how. But there is something else that you really need to know. With or without the blue ticks, recipients can still find out the status of their message.


WhatsApp has updated their FAQ section with the latest implementation (Android, iPhone). When I was reading it, I realized something. WhatsApp is able to know if you have or have not read the message.

All you have to do is to press and hold the message you sent and press the “i”. Information of the delivery and read status will be shown (this is Android version).


With the blue ticks, it is more visual only. So, move on, everyone. If you are too worried also about your privacy, stop using it immediately. BTW, if you know how to disable the “feature”, please share the information 🙂

Update: Someone actually found a way (abet not a convenient one).

  • When you receive WhatsApp message, don’t read it first
  • Instead, turn off your Internet connection
  • Read the WhatsApp message and exit the app.
  • Turn on Internet connection
  • Message will show 2 grey ticks (means delivered but not read (or is it so).