WhatsApp solved Black Screen issue and added Blue Ticks

Two good news to announce for WhatsApp users. If you have been using the WhatsApp on the latest Apple iPhone 6 Plus, you might notice a small problem. A black screen will appear if you try to use WhatsApp with the front facing camera. Well, it has been resolved. And if you notice, there are blue ticks that appears next to the message (previously, single grey tick or double grey ticks).


Black Screen

I blogged about it when the iPhone 6 Plus was first launched in Singapore. Check out the blog post. It has been resolved. Hurray!!

Blue Tick

Many people mistaken that the double grey ticks (existing feature) means that the message has been read. Wrong!! It only means that the message has been delivered but no way to know if it has been read.

Now, with the blue ticks, you have the means to know. I tried out the feature and confirmed that it works.

With these Blue-Black features (yes, I made it up myself), it is definitely a win for users. BTW, I think the features might be from WhatsApp side (server side) and not from app update (although I got my update (Android) yesterday but iPhone users did not get any update but still have the features).

If you have not seen these two improvement, please wait a while. I am sure it is updated in batches.