Microsoft Office now free for everyone, no subscription needed

So, starting today, people can create and edit Office content on iPhones, iPads, and soon, Android tablets using Office apps without an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft must have realized the potential of providing free software to people. Now, they are giving free Office for iOS and Android users. No subscription is needed to edit the files.


So, if you did not subscribe to Office 365, you might not need to anymore (if you just want to use Microsoft Office on iOS or Android devices). Of course, Microsoft is quick to mention that those who subscribed will get unlimited OneDrive storage and others.

Of course Office 365 subscribers will continue to benefit from the full Office experience across devices with advanced editing and collaboration capabilities, unlimited OneDrive storage, Dropbox integration and a number of other benefits.

Not surprisingly, the iOS users will get the latest update while Android Tablet users may need to wait for the tablet version of Microsoft Office.

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In my opinion, Microsoft will still win although they are providing these free software. The reason is because when people has gotten used to Microsoft Office, they may want the laptop version which will need a subscription (equal money for Microsoft). Anyway, for this case, I believe it is a win-win situation.