You can own this Zap&Go 5 minutes Charger (video)

If you are frustrated to wait for your portable battery to charge up, this Zap&Go will be a perfect solution for you. Unlike normal portable battery that uses lithium battery, this Zap&Go actually uses a new graphene supercapacitor that can charge up in 5 minutes with a special built power supply.



It may sound a little complex. Here is the video to show you.

Unfortunately, it has a store capacity of just 1,500 mAh. It is enough for a small phone but not enough for big phones. Nevertheless, if it can charge up in 5 minutes, I wouldn’t mind plugging it into a socket to charge it. As it is able to recharge and charge the device at the same time, it can be used as an alternate socket charger for your phone or tablet. And the inventor actually cater for international users with different adapters for the socket plug.

There are a few things that are unclear. For example:

  • How many cycle can this Supercapacitor be charged.
  • What is the output current from the USB port.
  • How long can the charge hold before it wears out.

But if you are really interested, you can go support it on Indiegogo.

Click Here to Check Out Zap&Go 5 minutes Charger



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