NTU battery charges up to 70% in 2 mins and last 20 years

“The new generation batteries also have a long lifespan of over 20 years, more than 10 times compared to existing lithium-ion batteries.”

NTU has developed ultra-fast charging batteries that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only two minutes. That is insane. I can imagine such batteries in smartphones in the near future.

(Clockwise from top) NTU Assoc Prof Chen Xiaodong with research fellow Tang Yuxin and PhD student Deng Jiyang

However, I think they have bigger plans like batteries for electric cars. It is a challenge for Singapore to have electric car due to the lack of facilities for charging them. If we can charge an electric car fast using a super long life-span battery, then electric cars roaming in Singapore streets might be possible.

I will spare you with all the fine details. Here is one important point that you might want to know. You might see it in two years time.

The technology is currently being licensed by a company for eventual production. Prof Chen expects that the new generation of fast-charging batteries will hit the market in the next two years. It also has the potential to be a key solution in overcoming longstanding power issues related to electro-mobility.

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