Talk to your Future Self of 20 years Now

This is supposedly me in 20 years time. I have aged a lot. Thankfully I still look slim. Don’t you want to have a peek of yourself in the future (20 years in the future, that is) in 2034? Check out this Orange website that helps you “connect” with your future. talk to him/her. Ask stupid questions and see how he/she reacts.


I know some of you can’t wait. Here is the link to the website.

Click Here to Future Self Website

What is the brand of my future car?

Where do I live?

You can ask you this but don’t expect a good answer. Instead, have a “peek” in the future trend based on the conversation.

You must allow cookies and the site to use your webcam and microphone. If you are uncomfortable with it, don’t try it and miss all the fun.




I love the facial recognition software that helps to map your face. It seems to be quite reliable to reproduce my face, 20 years older. Based on Gizmodo’s feedback, it seems to “like” guys than girls since the guys look more like themselves while the girls seems a little different.

I wonder why a Telecom company will want to put up such a website, unless they are using it to discuss future trends which I guess what this site is all about.

Do check it out yourself and let me know the outcome, ok?