Pronto battery can pack enough juice for 1 iPhone charge in 5 mins (video)

Power Practical has come up with an innovative product, The Pronto – Fast Charge Battery, that I want to introduce. It is now on Kickstarter and if you are fast, you can still get the “early bird” price. If you have noticed, the problem with current portable batteries is that the bigger the capacity, the longer you need to charge them up. This portable battery pack, The Pronto, can be fully charged in an hour (13,500mAh or 4,500mAh).


“5 mins is all it takes to have enough juice for one charge for an iPhone 5”

Based on their test, the Pronto can be fully charged in an hour to cater for 9 charges for an iPhone 5 (1,440mAh) based on the Pronto 12 unit. And the Pronto can has enough juice to charge one iPhone 5 by just with a 5 minutes charging.

There are two models. They are the Pronto 5 (4,500mAh) and Pronto 12 (13,500 mAh). Both are made of hard-anodized aluminum casing to withstand rough handling. Do take note that the high power fast charging can only be achieved using an AC wall charger. And also take note that only the Pronto 5 has Micro USB input (charging but not high speed) while the Pronto 12 can only be charged via the wall charger.  If you have a lot of 12v devices, the Pronto 12 will be a good choice as it has a 12v DC output.

As of this writing, they have already crossed the USD30K mark and it is only their first day on Kickstarter. So, if you are super interested, click the link below.

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Click Here to Power Practical The Pronto Battery Pack on Kickstarter