This AR Daqri Smart Helmet looks like X-Wing helmet (video)

Wow, hard hat is going to be super high tech. Armed with AR (Augmented Reality) and powered by Android on 2 Snapdragon processors, the Daqri Smart Helmet is going to change how the workers work in the field. If you look carefully, does it remind of the helmet in a X-Wing (Star Wars) fighter?


With advanced sensors and cameras around it, the company, Daqri, intends to ensure that the worker is safe in the working environment and that efficiency will be improved when they wear the Daqri Smart Helmet. Watch how it works.

This is the future of hard hats. The Darqi Smart Helmets will be launched in October and it’s cost is about the price of a “military grade laptop” (according to source). With all the sensors and camera, anyone that wears it will be working in 4D environment.

I am looking forward to such product as it will make the workplace safer and the work more efficient.

Click Here to Daqri Smart Helmet Website


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