This 7 minutes video might be better than the best leaked video of the next gen iPhone

In terms of leaks, this is the best leak ever on the next generation iPhone that I have ever seen. It is not even leak. It is just a Chinese guy comparing this big iPhone (that no one has seen) with the iPhone 5s. In my opinion, he is doing a review on a product that is not yet launch. How can you match that for a leak.

I am not sure if the next gen iPhone is called iPhone 6 or not, or even if this video is real. We are going to find out soon. In this video, it shows a working big size iPhone (maybe 4.7-inch) with a working Touch ID, camera and etc.


Some of you might already be put off by such leaks. However, this leak is different. It shows the software and also compare it with iPhone 5s. I am not sure the origin of the video but with all the leaks pieced together, it seems “real”. This is better is the “best ever video of iPhone 6” I posted recently.

In the commentary in the video (in Chinese), it says that the 4.7-inch iPhone feels lighter than iPhone 5s although it has a bigger screen, and is thinner and has rounded edges that feels like a Samsung GALAXY S3.

The camera is super fast and everything seems to be working fine. This 7 minutes may be the real stuff that we will see on 9th September 2014.

Do you think this is the next generation iPhone? And what do you think Apple will announce on 9th September? iPhone 6? iPhone 6L? iWatch?

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