Review: IKEA bookbook with unlimited battery and no lag (video)

Thanks to IKEA, I got hold of their limited edition (for the selected few 🙂 ) IKEA bookbook in XXL size. BTW, I am one of their Beta Testers for this product. It has unlimited battery, no lag, load pages instantly. Although other competitors are building smaller products, this IKEA bookbook performed best with bigger footprint.


However, if you are getting the smaller version (which is free, BTW), it performs equally well. And they do ship to your mailboxes (yes, it fits into your mailbox).


Unboxing the IKEA bookbook is nerve-wacking because I don’t know what I am getting (at that time). No one has it yet or I believe so. Check out the exclusive unboxing here.

The product is huge. But as mentioned earlier, the bigger the better clarity and enjoyment that you can derive from it.


There is even an instruction manual inside the package. Here is a glimpse of the instruction booklet.

Finally, here is the product that I have been talking about. The IKEA bookbook.


I tried to follow the instruction to use it. It is a breeze. You have learned it since young. Now, it is a matter of applying the skill to it.


However, if you have no confidence, you can always check this video. It has been viewed over 6 million times (at the time of writing). I guess it is good to provide such detailed instructions on this revolutionary product.

Now, this is me trying out the IKEA bookbook for the first time. Look, no problem at all.


Want to testdrive it? Click on the link below

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Thanks to IKEA for providing such an interesting product for review and for me to keep. It makes many of my friends wonder why mine is in XXL size while theirs is the standard size. So it seems, size matters, especially the IKEA bookbook.

Disclaimer: Individual experience varies. You may even enjoy more than me. 🙂