Want free calls to phones anywhere in the world on any network, check out nanu (video)

If you have been using any VOIP apps on your mobile phones, you might dismiss this new nanu app as stale. However, before you do that, you should check out what it can offer. You might think twice after that.


For a start, I have downloaded the app, called a landline before writing this. Actually, it is very simple app. Its main task seems to be just for calling out only. There is no fanciful chats, in-app purchase or anything.


You are greeted with a dialpad with the usual icons (contacts, favorite, recent and more). However, there are two distinctive features that you must know: –

  • Based on the PR, it can provide quality call even on 2G network.
  • It provides all calls completely for free, including calls to non nanu users such as landlines

However, there is a catch. For the 1st million users, they will get 15 minutes free credit. According to the PR, if you want more free credits, more users should join nanu.

The reason is because when you connect a call, it will play a short advert while you are waiting. The more people to join nanu, the more they can make revenue from the adverts.  So, it is win-win situation. Currently, there is no mention how the credits are allocated or distributed. Anyway, it is too new in the market.


As for voice quality, it seems ok but there is a delay as usual. Not sure about the 2G network quality but if it is true, this app will definitely be very popular in 3rd world countries where 2G is common over there.

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Moreover, based on comparison, 1 GB of data can really “buy” a lot of talktime as compared to competitors. Check out the chart.


Click Here to Get nanu

Currently, the app is only available on Android. For iPhone and other devices, it will follow very shortly (according to PR). nanu will also be available for Mac and Windows.

Here is a video about nanu

And the press release

Press Release


Revolutionary free call app nanu on a mission to end phone bills

nanu provides billions of people in cities, rural areas and developing markets with access to free calls on any network, even on 2G.

Singapore, August 5th 2014 – The world’s first completely free and truly mobile call app – nanu – launched today, with the aim of revolutionizing the telecom industry by offering free quality calls to everyone, everywhere.

Unlike conventional voice apps such as Skype and Viber that only work in high bandwidth 3G/4G/Wifi environments, nanu can be used on any network including 2G thus allowing it to provide quality calls where other apps cannot. As the majority of the world’s mobile phones still use 2G, this means billions of people in rural areas and developing markets will have access to free calls for the first time.

Furthermore, unlike conventional voice apps, nanu provides all calls completely for free, including calls to non nanu users such as landlines. To do this, nanu inserts an unintrusive short advert to play over the ringtone while you are waiting for the call to be picked up. The revenue from the advert allows nanu to subsidize the cost of the call so you can make calls completely for free, even to landlines or mobile phones that don’t use nanu.

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nanu believes that everyone around the world has the right to make free phone calls and is on a mission to end phone bills once and for all.

To join the mission, you just need to download nanu. Once installed, you can make unlimited calls to friends, family and anyone you want to call anywhere in the world who have also installed the app. You will also be

given a limited number of free minutes to call non – nanu users and share the app with them.

The more people use nanu, the more free calls nanu can give away so that eventually, nanu aims to offer unlimited free calls anywhere, including to non – nanu users.

To kick-start the mission, from today, nanu is offering the first one million users, free unlimited nanu-to-nanu calls and also 15 free minutes of nanu to non – nanu calls across 73 global destinations.

nanu launches on Android, with the iPhone and other devices to follow very shortly. nanu will also be available for Mac and Windows.

To download nanu, go to: http://bit.ly/downloadnanu

For information on nanu  – www.hellonanu.com