Nokia Lumia 820 Hardware Tour (Video)

Thanks to Nokia Singapore, I managed to get a Nokia Lumia 820 review unit before the official launch date which is slated to be in early December 2012. I was actually hoping for a Lumia 920. Anyway, I am very interested in the performance of Windows Phone 8.

The review unit comes in white color. But you may already know that the rear cover for Nokia Lumia 820 can be interchanged. On the front, you can see the sensors and front facing camera (only 640 x 480  pixels).

And below is the standard 3 buttons configuration by Microsoft. On the left is the “back” button. The center is the “home” button and the right is the “search” button. All these are touch sensitive buttons.

On the back, there is the Rear Camera (8 Megapixels, F/2.2).

Here is a close up of the Carl Zeiss camera.

On the top, it has the 3.5mm jack and on the bottom, it has the Micro USB port and the speaker.

One side has the rocker volume button, the on/off button and the camera button. The other side is clean.

As mentioned earlier, the rear cover is interchangeable. To take out the cover, you will need to pry open from one corner.

The cover has some contact points which I think should be the antenna.

Here is how the rear looks like without the cover and battery.

You can see those buttons for the volume control, camera and on/off switch.

The internal storage for this Lumia 820 is not high (about 7 GB). Luckily, you can slot in a Micro SD card (up to 64GB, according to the specs). Next to the Micro SD card slot is the Micro SIM card slot.

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One of the surprising thing about this phone is the small battery capacity (1650mAh).

I was expecting a higher capacity battery. Not sure how good is the battery life. Will try to monitor and update.

Here is a close up of the speaker grille.

I did a short video of the hardware. Check it out.

BTW, here is what is in the box. The packaging  is very compact (which is good). Inside the box, you will get the charger, the charger/data cable and a headset.

Here is the charger.

It is using 5V 1.3A to charge the battery.

Here is the charger/data cable.

And here is the in-ear headset.

Close up.

This in-ear headset comes with different sizes of ear buds to interchange.

That is it. There is nothing else in the box (except those boring documents).


I have used the Nokia Lumia 820 for less than 24 hours. It is too early to review anything. However, the first impression is that it has a solid build. Usually, smartphones with interchangeable covers seems to be flimsy. However, this Lumia 820 is very solid. You might not even notice that it has interchangeable cover.

One thing I did notice is that the battery is very loose. There is some padding on the cover to ensure that it is in place. If not, I am sure the battery will move up and down.

On my next post on Nokia Lumia 820, I will focus on its camera and Windows Phone 8 software. Stay tuned 🙂

If you want more information about Nokia Lumia 820, click the link below

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