Nakamichi introduces NW7000 Wireless Stereo Headphone in Singapore

Nakamichi introduces their latest product, NW7000 Wireless Stereo Headphone, in Singapore.  The NW7000 has a minimalist look that can complement most modern homes. With its wireless connectivity, I am sure you will enjoy the freedom around the house. It is available immediately in Singapore at RRP S$199.00. More information in the Press Release


Press Release

Enjoy High Clarity Stereo Music And Effortless Pairing with Nakamichi’s latest NW7000 Wireless Stereo Headphones

Nakamichi NW7000, providing the ultimate home theater experience without distractions

Singapore, 19 June 2014 – Nakamichi, the legendary audio brand synonymous with high fidelity audio since 1948, launches NW7000, its latest wireless stereo headphones in Singapore.

The Nakamichi NW7000 wireless stereo headphone provides you with the ultimate home theater experience anytime of the day without any distraction. Its natural and rich soundscapes provide hours of entertainment at up to 30 meters away when paired to any audio source.

High Clarity and Impeccable Audio Experience

The Nakamichi NW7000 provides users with high clarity stereo audio experience with natural bass with comfortable noise cancelling ear pads.

Minimalist Design with Matte Finishing

The Nakamichi NW7000 is presented with a classic matte black finishing in a minimalist design, the perfect audio ornament for your home.

Maximum Freedom and Effortless Pairing System

The Nakamichi NW7000 wireless stereo headphone removes the complex wiring and installation process with a simplified pairing system using a single transmitter. The transmitter allows up to 3 headsets to be paired simultaneously. Where most similar devices have up to 6 channels, the Nakamichi NW7000 has a 31-Channel Auto Frequency Hopping System, which optimizes the transmission process, providing users with an immersive audio experience with minimum distortion and distractions.

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Wired Headphone Application

The NW7000 headphone operates in wired mode as well, with the supplied 3.5 mm audio cable that can connect to any audio source such as mobile phones, audio video players or audio decks.

Product Features:

  • 2.4GHZ Digital Ultra High Frquency (UHF) Technology;
  • 31-Channel Auto Frequeny Hopping System for optimum transmission;
  • Multiple Headphone Pairing (pairing up to 3 headsets);
  • Smart Volume Memory Preset;
  • Low Power Indicator Notification on Headphone;
  • Speed Charging Mechanism;
  • Operation Time: 8 – 10 hours approximately;
  • Support Corded Headphone Application with 3.5 mm Audio Cable;
  • Operating Distance: 30 meters approximately (Open Area);
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz to 20KHz;
  • Operating Voltage: Transmitter DC 5V 550mA;
  • Receiver: 2 X AAA size Rechargeable NiMH batteries;
  • Compatible with DVD players, CD players, iPod, MP3, TV sets, VCR, Hi-Fi system and radio;
  • Accessories provided: RCA Cable, 3.5mm Direct Line-in Cable, AC/DC Adaptor, 2 X NiMH AAA size batteries, and 3.5 mm to 63 mm stereo plug.

Pricing and Availability

The Nakamichi NW7000 Wireless Stereo Headphone is available immediately in Singapore at S$199.00 SRP (inclusive of GST).

The Nakamichi NW7000 Wireless Stereo Headphone is available at Best Denki Singapore, Challenger Store, Challenger Mini, Musica Store, TANGS – Orchard, Mustafa, Apple Store, Gadget World, HMW, Farle Innovation, SoundWave Studio Pte Ltd, Connect IT, Illuvo, Parisilk, The Planet Traveller, Lucky Store, POPULAR, Borders, Changi Aiport (T3 – Electronics Hub and T2 – iSound), Robinsons, Isetan, and Two Bros.

About Nakamichi

Nakamichi was founded in 1948 as Nakamichi Research Corporation Ltd (Nakamichi Kenkyujo Kabushiki Kaisha) in Tokyo Japan. It specialised in manufacturing portable radios, tone arms, speakers, and communications equipment. Founded by Etsuro Nakamichi, it was later headed by his younger brother Niro. Etsuro’s son Ted is the only remaining Nakamichi in the company today. The company was originally established as a research and development firm in electronics and optics but later became known as a manufacturer of quality audio products. While their cassette decks were particularly well known, the company is also credited with numerous other audio innovations, such as self-centering record players, high-end DAT recorders, and ultra-compact slot-loading CD changers. Over the years, the company managed to garner an impressive level of brand loyalty. Visit:

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