Celebrities, social media all out to save Zouk (video)

In case you have not heard the news, Zouk will not be able to extend its lease at Jiak Kim Road and the owner will close it down unless he is able to get a 3 years extension because he could not get a good location for it.


Now, in their last burst of energy, IMO, they have set up a Save-Zouk website that lets people to support them in their cause. It is also to let the relevant authority to understand that many still love the iconic Zouk.

Actually, if you think about it, which club has managed to stay relevant for 23 years and still going strong? If you enjoy ZoukOut, or the vibes at Zouk, Phuture, Wine Bar, Velvet Underground.. please visit the site to support them.

I believe Zouk is uniquely Singapore, and lets do whatever we can to SAVE ZOUK.

Click Here to Lend your Voice to SAVE ZOUK

PS: I am no party animal but I do enjoy Zouk during my cheonging time  🙂

PPS: Some may argue that the owner is actually forcing the authority down the throat by demanding a 3 year lease. In my opinion, it is up to you to believe if Zouk is worth saving.