Taking selfie in 2020 can be dangerous and has a profound meaning (video)

This guy took a selfie with this girlfriend in Paris in the year 2020. Suddenly, she felt sad, took out a Polaroid (she hid it very well) to take a picture of his boyfriend. She left after passing the instant picture to him. And then, something happened…


Suddenly, there was a power outage and all electronics devices went dead. Guess what happen..

The title of this clip is Lost Memories. I interpret the story is telling us that there is a deeper set of problem in our society. As we progress, we are distracted by the devices that make us feel connected (digitally). In the end, those that connect to us physically/emotionally are neglected.

Memories, in my opinion in this video, are the memories in his mind when he is connected with his love ones physically (taking a selfie together, feeling loved). Because he is so distracted by other things, he did not register that actual memories in his mind and hence when there is a power surge (or something like that), he felt lost as all his “memories” are digital. Of course, he missed his girlfriend too…

What is your interpretation on this short clip? (BTW, I am guilty of it sometimes.. that’s why I can relate to the story 🙁 )


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