Watch what Singapore has become in the drama 2025 (video)

Check out the first episode of the new drama, 2025. It is set in the year 2025 (better than in my analysis of 2015, right?) in Singapore. Let me know how you feel after watching the first episode.


The show started with autopilot driving in the CTE tunnel. The car has HUD display and Internet connection. Watch the drones inside the tunnel. Interesting concept for the future Singapore in 2025.

BTW, the show is on XINMSN Catchup TV if you have missed it (Saturday, 9:30pm). I seldom watch Channel 5 show but anything Technology related and friends inside the show, I will watch 🙂 . Here is behind the scene look on some of the VFX used in the drama.

And here is to the Catchup TV on XINMSN.

Click Here to Watch 2025 Episode One

Personally, I feel that the graphics are still too raw if compared to a Hollywood, or even a Korean production. However, it is usually based on budget per episode. So, I am not going to judge.


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