Learn Mandarin with Scantily Clad Girls (Video)

Want to learn Mandarin the fun ways (if you love girls)? This controversial website, Sexy Mandarin, is teaching Chinese or Mandarin with scantily clad “teachers”. Each lesson involves girl saying out some Mandarin where you can pick up while watching them.


I saw this news on MyPaper and I would like to hear your thoughts. Will it improve your retention memory? Check out one of the videos that is more “harmless”.

For the rest of the videos (teasers mostly), check out the link.

Click Here to Check Out the Video

Based on the report, 1% of Singaporeans are registered under this paid website. And one Singaporean girl is involved in one of the teaching material.

Click Here to Read the Full Report at MyPaper


Click Here to Sexy Mandarin Website


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