Reverse typing keyboard for smartphones, hit or miss?

Despite a failed kickstarter campaign, the company behind it, TrewGrip announced that they have not thrown away the project, and will soon release the revolutionary keyboard for smartphones later in 2014.


This keyboard aims to overhaul the standard finger pecking way to type on the smartphone screen, and allows you to use your gripping fingers to type on the bottom of the device. As the main keys fill the back of the device, the other keyboard buttons like the spacebar, page down, etc. are on the front.

In my opinion, this keyboard layout looks daunting and may need quite a bit of practice before being able to type on it at an acceptable speed. To make things a little easier, the feedback lights on the front will light up when the respective keys are pressed at the back, so that you’ll know how far off your typing is.


Another thing would be the air mouse included which controls the on-screen cursor using an accelerometer, which I think will make you feel like you’re playing a racing game rather than navigating the screen proper. I would very much prefer a thumb joystick (if they can somehow fit it into the keyboard) similar to the current gaming consoles’ controllers for navigation over steering on a imaginary wheel and unnecessary flicking of the device.

With the current price point being at around $250 USD, it’s a little hefty for those on a budget. It’s a radical idea of a keyboard to try, just not for me.