Create a mini-me 3D figure of yourself with Kinect

It seems that many companies are making full use of the Kinect Sensor by Microsoft and coming out with many 3D imaging services based on the sensor.

Shapifyme is a novelty service by company, Artec Group, which allows you to create a small sized figurine of yourself using their software and a Kinect for scanning.

However, looking at the tutorial for the scanning process, I would think that it’s quite a bit of hassle to retain your pose for 8 rotations to allow Kinect to do a 360-degree scan of your body.

For USD $60, you can have a 10 cm figurine of yourself delivered to your doorstep, which in my opinion, is quite an affordable price to try something interesting.

Find out more about and how they incorporate the Kinect Sensor at their website.

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