How to get around Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE)(Video)

Our 10th Expressway, MCE (Marina Coastal Expressway) was completed and opened on the 29th December 2013. It is the widest expressway in Singapore (5 lanes each) and the most expensive to build.


However, for Singaporeans or people living in Singapore, MCE is about delays, congestion, stupidity of our government to even build it. I feel the pain too (after looking at their cab fares, hours to reach their destinations, unnecessary ERP gantry entries and re-entries).

It is also interesting to see the innovative side of Singapore, especially our country is filled with acronyms for everything. Now MCE becomes Massively Congested Expressway, Most Congested Expressway and etc.

I guess the reasons for such negative impressions are:

  • Unlike other expressways, MCE actually disrupts the ECP (East Coast Parkway) Expressway. Many are caught by surprises that they can no longer use their usual routes.
  • The MCE, on the maps, looks like a big detour instead of a shortcut. It is true but I guess as our land are limited, the government needed to utilize the space.
  • The MCE is the most expensive expressway to build (with Taxpayers’ money) but did not get the results (no traffic jams, smooth traffic with so many lanes) many perceived at this moment.

There might be many other reasons. Right now, instead of complaining about MCE, it is about time to make full use of it. For a person living in the East, I can tell you that it is a breeze to get to Sentosa, Harbour Front or Vivocity using the KPE (Kallang Paya Lebar) Expressway and MCE. You don’t feel like it is a detour. Kudos to the engineering feat, everything seems to work properly. I do miss my old route where I can see beautiful sunset along the ECP after Fort road though.

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To get started, you need to understand MCE. Watch this video.

It gives a better understanding of the exit number and where it leads to. Here is a map of the area around the MCE. Click on it to download the PDF version.


This table, in my opinion, is important for motorist to understand how to get to their destination.


I am sure even with these information, it will take some time to get use to the new MCE. Tomorrow will be a first real test for this MCE after the holiday period. Good luck.

Click Here to Download the MCE Traffic Advisory

Plan your Route

You can also use the maps on your mobile devices to work out the best route for the journey. Here are some of them (updated with MCE).

Finally, to LTA. I guess this is a very good lesson in regards to planning to stop part of an existing expressway and getting people to use a new one. Please review them carefully. I am sure everyone learns from this episode.