GE3 Gaming exhibition and LAN party coming this December!

This December is a month to rejoice for all gamers in Singapore, with Gaming Entertainment E-Sports Exhibition (GE3) happening right over at D’Marquee, Downtown East! Organised by Colosseum Amusement, this event will bring gamers from all over Singapore together for a 3-day gaming extravaganza.

1399497_399361606861018_1143386501_o One of the more popular events for the GE3 exhibition is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) LAN Party and Tournament hosted by one of our local gaming organisations, iS Gaming. This is a free event, lasting 3 days with a total of 150 computers to accommodate the rising population of Singaporean gamers to ensure they will have their chance to pit their skills against each other.

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With Logitech being their official sponsor, I’m looking at great prizes for competing teams like:

  • Logitech G710+ Mechanical keyboards
  • Logitech G430 Headsets
  • Logitech G400s with Mousepads



Visit their Facebook event page to sign up and find out more about the LAN Party.

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