Flyboard Lets You Fly and Swim Like Dolphins (Video)

The best of both worlds. That is what I can see from this product, Flyboard. The designer has done a great job in making use of the jet ski theory to let himself fly out of the water like a jetpack and dive into the water like a dolphin.

It looks fun with the video, and that is if you know how to control it. The video is a bit lengthy and in French. However, watching how they are having fun with it is enough.

According to source, a basic set will set you back by USD6,600 and here is some explanation on how it works.

Water is fed into the system through a jetski’s output (as long as it has a 100HP motor), or you can get the more expensive pro system which includes its own little inboard motor (as you can see later in the video).

Watch the video now.


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