Xiaomi introduces MI3 smartphone and 47-inch 3D TV (video)

Now that Apple had announced their latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Samsung had announced GALAXY Note 3, lets take a look at Xiaomi in China. Unknown to many in the world, Xiaomi is slowly garnering a cult status (like Apple fans) of their own in China.


Judging from the number of people attending the Xiaomi MI3 unveiling event, you should know that it is a company that we should take notice.

Recently, Google’s VP of product management for the Android platform, Hugo Barra,  jumped the ship to join Xiaomi. This might make an even more impact of Xiaomi on the Global scene.

The Xiaomi MI3 is based on Android and uses MIUI (MI User Interface). Today, I watched the 1 hour long unveiling of Xiaomi MI3 and Xiaomi 3D TV (MI TV)(with some cuts here and there), I can finally understand the reason(s) why people like Xiaomi’s brand in China (BTW, that is my own opinion).

Click Here to Watch the hour long products unveiling

First, let’s take a look at both products.

Xiaomi MI3 (Miphone 3)


Here is the product video introduction

Click Here to Official Xiaomi MI3 website

And here is the Xiaomi 47-inch 3D TV

Xiaomi Smart TV


Here is the product video introduction.

Click Here to the official Xiaomi 3D TV Website

Impressive? Some actually think that Xiaomi is a copycat of Apple. My opinion is, apart from these: Lei Jun who dresses like Steve Jobs (black t-shirt and jeans), very hands-on on every products, products packaging (inclusive of website), fanatic fans, the rest are quite the opposite.

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If you listen to the hour long unveiling video, Lei Jun is always emphasizing on sharing (of ideas and problems) and cost (product cost as compared to competitors). The MIUI is updated weekly, based on feedback and tests. The product is just a fraction of what Apple products are selling. And one important thing that I noticed, Xiaomi is not worried on sharing the origin of their components in the Smartphone or 3D TV.

Comparing with Apple, you know that Apple is always setting the trend (when Steve Jobs is around) and there is no way you are going to influence their ideas. Apple products, when tied with telcos, will seem affordable but when sold individually, will not go well with people with the high price tag.

Xiaomi does not collaborate with Telcos (yet). They sell their products online and their products are very affordable when compared with Apple’s.

For example, Xiaomi MI3 (16GB) RRP is RMB1,999 (S$414) and MI3 (64GB) RRP is RMB2,499 (S$518). And the 47-inch MI TV RRP is just RMB2,999 (S$622).

These are the things that Xiaomi is doing right in China. Good rapport with customers, good product pricing and most importantly, good and affordable products. I hope that Xiaomi can make it to the International market. Here are some more information on Xiaomi which I think is interesting to read.

Apple vs Xiaomi as reported by the Economist


Engadget report on the launch of Xiaomi MI3 and 3D TV

Let me know what you think about Xiaomi’s products.

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