HTC One suffering from camera issues

HTC One is a fine phone. It is one of the phones that “passed” my “tests” before I bought it. Now, after so many months, I am still loving it. However, the recent firmware update has somehow caused the camera not to be performing correctly.


The above image is taken just recently. It clearly shows a purple hue on the image. This has never occurred before the update (based on my usage).

Now that many websites are reporting the same issue, I thought I would share on my thoughts on them. Able to take pictures in low light condition is one of my highest priority when buying phones. I hope that HTC can solve this issue ASAP.

From BGR, HTC has acknowledged this issue and the fix seems to be coming with the Android 4.3 update. The problem is there is NO date on it.

Here is another shot with the same issue. Actually, this is the first shot that I saw a problem with the phone. I dropped the phone (causing a dent on the edge) a few days before. So, when this issue happened, I thought that I caused it.


BTW, if HTC is reading this, I think the BOOM sound is no longer “booming”. Have you guys softened/tweaked it? When put together with iPhone 5, it seems that iPhone 5 is louder (although HTC One sounds better).


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