HTC One mini is now official, lighter with lower specs (video)

HTC One mini is official launched. Do not let the word mini mislead you. In terms of size, it is not that “mini” as compared to HTC One (4.7-inch vs 4.3-inch). However, the specs and battery capacity have been “downsized”.


It now packs a duo core processor, a 1,800 mAh battery, a HD screen (instead of full HD) and a internal memory of only 16GB (no external memory). It is just 0.05mm thinner than HTC one at 9.25mm.

Thanks goodness, HTC retained the good stuff like the UltraPixels camera, the Boomsound and the metal body. I guess HTC is adopting “if it ain’t broken, don’t change it” policy.

Here is the video of HTC One mini

To check out the rest of the specs, you can go to the official website

Click Here to HTC One mini Site

BTW, according to the official PR seen at Engadget, the HTC One mini will be available in selected market from August and globally from September 2013.

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