Review: Nokia Lumia 925 and Wireless Charging Cover (video)

Thanks to Nokia, I am able to get my hands on the Nokia Lumia 925 before the 20th July availability in Singapore. This review is a look at the hardware of the Nokia Lumia 925, its packaging and also one of its accessories, the wireless charging cover.


The Nokia Lumia 925 has a 4.5-inch HD screen (Gorilla 2 Screen) and a 8.7 Megapixels rear camera and a 1.2 Megapixels front camera.


On first glance, it might resemble the Nokia Lumia 920. However, if you look at the back and side, you can immediately spot the differences.


The first thing you notice is that the back is matte. You will feel secured holding it. My opinion is that it also attracts stains easily. In the first few hours with the device, I have encounter stains on it. Thankfully, they can be cleaned away.

The biggest highlight of Nokia phones is the camera. As usual, Nokia delivers a superb camera module (8.7 Megapixels) that works well in low light condition and with its stabilizer, it really makes a difference. Among the brands that touted to have image stabilizer, Nokia is the only one that does the job properly (my opinion).


On the back, you will see the speaker. Notice the 3 dots above the speaker? It is for the wireless charging cover (which I will show later).


The Nokia Lumia 925 is also very slim as compared to Lumia 920. It is 8.5mm thin (not inclusive of the protruding lens). The body is Polycarbonate and it is wrapped beautifully with a metal frame that acts as an antenna and also provides added robustness for the phone.

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Here are the side views. On this side, it has the rocker button for volume, the on/off button and also the dedicated camera shutter button.


On this side, it is clean. No button.


Here is the top view. Nokia cramped everything on the top. You can see the Micro-SIM card slot, the Micro-USB Port and also the 3.5mm jack and the microphone.


Here is the tool that is needed to extract the Micro SIM tray.


Previously, you will need to push the tool in to pop out the tray. Now, you will need to push it to the side to release the tray. Here s the mechanism if you are interested.


The Micro SIM tray is not removable (which is good).


On the bottom view, it is clean.


The Packaging

The packaging is very similar to previous products. You can see the familiar blue box.


Pulling out the box, you can see the tray that sits the device. Once you remove the device, you will see the Micro SIM tray removal tool.


Underneath the tray is some documents and accessories like the charger, Micro USB cable and the earpiece.


Here is a close up of the earpiece. It is the in-ear type.


Here is the charger.


That is all in the package. Very neat. Here is a short video I made on the device. Take a look

The Wireless Charging Cover

One of the biggest differences between the Nokia Lumia 925 and the Nokia Lumia 920 is that the former does not have wireless charging incorporated into the device. It is sold as a separate accessory. Here is a look at the Wireless Charging Cover.

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I was quite surprised that it is so thin. Notice the black color portion. It is the connection point for the phone.


Here is the back view.


And here is the side view. Notice that it is very thin.


The wireless charging cover will be retailed at S$39 (if I am correct).

That is it. A quick look at the device and one of its accessories. The Nokia Lumia 925 will retail at S$799. It will be available from this Saturday (20th July 2013). For more information, I suggest that you take a look at the Press Release

Click Here to Check Out Nokia Lumia 925 Press Release

Or you can head down to Nokia Singapore official website to take a look at the device and its features.

Click Here to Nokia Lumia 925 Official Website

I will be doing another review on the software later. Do check it out. Feel free to ask me any question on the device. I will try my best to get the answers.