Asia Style Collection with Girls Generation and 2NE1 and more

Thanks to SK planet for the invite to Asian Style Collection. I had the chance to meet up close and personal with 2NE1 as well as Girls Generation during their rehearsals. And the concert, which involved so many celebrities and the major 3 nations, Singapore, Korea and Japan, was nicely done.

(Girls Generation photos are out)(2NE1 photos are out)


Thanks to those who coordinated (you know who you are). It was not easy to shift the media from place to place with a timing to meet. I guess this was part of the fun. Here are just a few shots of the Press Conference specifically organized for us. Much appreciated, especially to Sharon Au, who was seen all over the place today.



Girls Generation


Sharon Au who is always so fresh.


It was a super long event (for me). From 12:30pm till after midnight but it was all worth it. I have a lot more pictures. Will slowly upload them.

As for those who followed me on Twitter, Instagram (thanks to Instagram video) and whatever social media, thanks for the retweets and Likes. Appreciated.

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