Super small Water Resistant CARD Phone CM1-AQUA (video)

This company, CARD, has been my favorite booth since last CommunicAsia. This year, without fail, it has shown some innovative products that are very affordable. Check out its latest CM1-AQUA card phone. It is super slim, light and yet water resistant.


It has an IP68 rating that means it can be submerged into less than 2m deep water for less than 30 minutes. According to the CARD people, they have actually tested much longer time without issue. Here are some views of the phone.

Front View

Close up of the keypad.


Back View


Close up of the back view. As you can see, it is translucent. When I dipped it into the water, the internal is actually wet. I am not sure how they protected the circuitry from water, it is still working fine.


The back bottom.


Bottom View

The phone uses Micro USB to charge.


The phone itself is heavy and will sink to the bottom when you put it inside the water. However, the maker has made a “float” like a cover to prevent it from sinking.


Here is a video to show you how it is done.

The phone will be available from 1st July 2013. It will start selling from Singapore Changi Airport. As of the visit to the booth. They have not decided the final packaging. Here is the packaging that might become the final product.


The retail price is also not fixed. You could be looking at S$105 for the retail price. We requested for catalog but it is still not ready. So, the best thing besides the catalog is the banner with information of the CM1-AQUA. Check it out.

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So, you are the first few in the world to see this product.

Click Here to the Official Website