You can take video on Instagram now (video)

Video on Instagram is here. Now, you can use Instagram app to take up to 15 seconds of video, add a filter to it and share it with all your friends. You can also select the best scene from the video as the video cover.


I believe Instagram must have seen that many users are taking video and sharing on social network. Apps like Viddy, Vine are enjoying the limelight because they can take video.

With the introduction of video, these apps like Vine or Viddy, will be pressured given the popularity of Instagram and the number of users on it. Here is an introduction of video on Instagram.

Using the app to take video is very simple. Not going to nag on how to use something so easy. Go try it.

I wish that they can implement live filters so that we can see the effect while filming. BTW, there is no way to use your own pre-recorded video on Instagram (yet?). So, you will need to record via the Instagram app.

It records in a very low resolution of 640 x 640 and the video is stored on movie folder (for Android) in MKV format (what!!). Maybe their plan is to allow you to add on subtitle (MKS) and etc in future 🙂 .

Anyway, the video on the web is a little buggy. Check out my first Instagram video here.

Click Here to Read the Official Announcement

The app is now on Android and iOS. Both OSes need version 4 and above.


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