Samsung introduces ATIV Q tablet, GALAXY Active, NX Camera and more

Today, Samsung announces a number of products. Some of them you might have heard from leaks and some of them are really interesting. One of them is the Samsung ATIV Q.


It is a 13.3-inch tablet with dual OS. I saw from the presentation, you can switch the OS just by pressing the start (or Windows) button. Super fast. In my opinion, since there is a big gap in apps for Windows 8 as compared to iOS or Android, this might be the best solution at the moment.


Next, they also mentioned Samsung ATIV Tab 3. It is a 10.1-inch tablet running on Windows 8. Very thin.


Actually, the event started with the most leaked products: The Samsung GALAXY S4 Active, GALAXY S4 mini and GALAXY S4 Zoom.


The GALAXY Active, in my opinion, is a competition to Sony Xperia Z or Xperia ZR. As for the S4 mini, it is a reduced specs GALAXY S4 with a 4.3-inch screen (not so small actually). It has IP67 rating (1m, 30 minutes in water) and has the form factor of Samsung GALAXY S4.

The GALAXY S4 Zoom is actually officially announced a few weeks ago. You can see a video on how it works.

With the announcement, Samsung said that it completes the whole GALAXY S4 family.

Samsung next product has also been leaked before. It is the Samsung GALAXY NX. It is a micro four-third camera with built-in Android OS. It is the upgraded version of the Samsung GALAXY Camera.


It has LTE capability and seems like a lot of the features (manual adjust) can be achieved on the touch screen. I have doubts over the battery life.

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The rest of the products are Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus and Active One 5 style.



BTW, they also announced new colors for Samsung GALAXY S4. Apart from the standard black and white, the new colors are Blue Arctic, Purple Mirage, Red Aurora, Brown Autumn and Pink Twilight.


I am still waiting for the official PR with more information on the products. Stay tuned.

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