GoPro Launches Hero5 Black and Karma (video)

Yesterday, GoPro announced a few exciting products. Two of them, which I want to highlight here, are GoPro Hero5 Black and Karma (drone). With so many action cameras in the market, it seems that GoPro has finally done something very different this time.


GoPro Hero5 Black


Check out the introduction video.

Here are a few things I observed: –

  1. GoPro has ditched the clear casing on the Hero5 Black. The Hero5 Black is waterproof up to 10m without external casing.  This is really good news for many people. Of course, there are pros and cons with and without the casing. With casing, if it is damaged, you can just replace it. Without the casing, it is like without protection. Any damage is damage to the camera itself.
  2. GoPro launches just one Hero model. Previously, GoPro launched two model: the Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black. Silver has a touch screen but has limited capability to shoot 4K. Black can shoot 4K but without the touch screen. Now GoPro Hero5 Black is the best of both worlds. It has a touch screen and can shoot 4K in one package.
  3. GoPro has reduced its price. The latest GoPro Hero5 Black is just USD399.99 (or S$590). If you have been following the product launch of GoPro, you will know that this price is actually low. With the market saturated with action cameras of all shapes and sizes from various brands, I think GoPro might have felt the “heat” this time.
  4. GoPro added GPS, Image Stabilizer and Voice Control. Finally, GoPro has added GPS into the unit. You can now “talk” to Hero5 Black to take a photo and etc. And with image stabilization, expect to see less shakes on your videos.
  5. GoPro Hero5 Black captures stereo sound. Yes, with 3 mics, no more muffled sound due to the housing.
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GoPro Karma

I have heard about this GoPro drone for some time. Finally, GoPro launched Karma yesterday. Not sure why or who named it Karma. Anyway, after watching the introduction video, I am actually impressed with the features and the pricing.

Here is the introduction video.

Karma comes with a compact backpack. GoPro wants you to carry Karma wherever you go. With its foldable wings, it actually takes up lesser footprint and hence able to fit itself into the compact backpack.

That is not all.

Karma has a unique detachable electronic stabilizer mount. You can easily take out this mount and fix it on a handle grip (provided) and it will transform itself from a camera mount on the Drone to a handheld stabilizer.

Karma will retail at USD799 (S$1,200). It may seem steep but if you do the math, you are actually buying a drone and a handheld stabilizer. On the market, a good handheld electronic stabilizer will cost a few hundred dollars. So, in my opinion, this is a good buy.

Based on the information during the launch event, you can actually get a discount if you choose to buy the Karma together with the Hero5 Black or Hero5 Session.

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