Service staff not going that extra mile? Watch this ‘Mickey Mouse’ Prata (Video)

A few days ago, Straits Times published an article “Service staff not going that extra mile: Survey”. Now, here is a video by local videoblogger, Sam Driscoll, to prove that Singapore service staff do go the extra mile (if they are requested appropriately).

Mickey Mouse prata is NOT related to Disney in any way.

Check out the video.

You see, Singapore service is still not bad (in some cases). I actually have the full report of the survey. In the report, it states that Singapore service staff not going that extra mile to serve the customer. The survey was carried out by market research group Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) to get a better insight on the service debate in Singapore.

Here is a graph which shows the survey of service staff going beyond the call of duty. Note that Singaporeans are not very happy with it. I do agree sometimes.


Here is the Press Release

Check out the results. Sometimes, I do feel that the service sector in Singapore only caters more to tourists or foreigners. In some instances, you can see that they treat the tourists better than locals.

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However, it also boils down to how we approach these service staff. In some cases, maybe we are fellow citizens, we tend to be very blunt and straight in requesting for service. This might add on to the “frustration” of the service staff for treating them in such a manner.

These are purely my observation and opinion. Love to hear from all of you. What bad/good experiences have you encountered?

Annex – Survey Results

Survey Design

The survey aimed to get a better insight on the service debate in Singapore, by speaking to 4 key audience groups – Local Customers, Tourists, Service Staff and Managers.


How is service in Singapore?

Locals appear to be the toughest on the service quality, and seem to expect a lot more out of Service Staff, beyond “just doing their job”.


Local customers are more critical and appear to be less likely to compliment Service Staff, in contrast to Tourists, Managers and Service Staff themselves, who claim that service quality has improved over the last 12 months.


In comparison to their home country, Tourists are happier with the service they have experienced in Singapore.


Who is responsible for service?

Local consumers understand that they play a significant role in the overall service experience, yet feel they are already doing it. Service staff are still expected to drive the customer service experience.


Local consumers do not see themselves as being part of the issue, even while increasingly demanding customers are rated as the top challenges for both Managers and Service Staff. The latter also admit they do not always feel motivated to deliver good service.


Service Staff rank their most enjoyable service experiences as those where they received compliments and felt appreciated.


What is impacting service delivery?

Managers agree that finding and maintaining the right talent is the key challenge to maintaining service levels, while Service Staff identified the long hours and increasingly demanding customers as reasons.


Managers acknowledge the benefits of good customer service on the bottom-line, however just over half hesitate to invest in it.


Managers prefer non-monetary approaches to encourage good service performance, than to invest in training or rewarding actual performance.


Managers and Service Staff believe that the government has a key role to play in improving overall service quality.