You can now have iOS 7 parallax effect Wallpaper on Android (video)

If you have followed Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote event, you would have noticed that the wallpaper on iOS 7 has a parallax effect feature that seems to make the icons float on the screen. Actually, this effect can be found on Google Play Store for some time already.


Previously, when Apple announced something new, Android developers will try to replicate the same (if not better) app to let the Android community enjoy it.

However, in the case of iOS 7, I find that Apple is just copying some features of the OSes and there is actually no innovation in them. To be blunt, I feel that they just integrate a few apps into the iOS 7 (like torch, Google Reader) and use some of the best features of other OSes into it. Of course, I don’t see anything wrong with them but I just feel that they shouldn’t be called innovation.

One of them is this Parallex Effect Wallpaper. As mentioned, it is already available for some time. Check out this video.

So, I will say that this is NOT an innovation from Apple.

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